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The sliding door product range of OPK Europe sets itself apart with excellent quality and a wide range. There’s a new dimension to sliding solutions.


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08. November 2018

Submarine 9 “One for everything!”

wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, sideboard, …

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26. June 2018

Blackforest Press: opening ceremony 22.06.2018

Written by Jürgen Lück 24.06.2018 – 20:44 Company founder Xu Chao bows deeply before the guests before his speech. Mayor Ralph Zimmermann comes just under an hour late. And Thomas Fröschle aka Wizard Topaz even has green shoes on. Memorable opening of the new OPK European headquarters.

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03. April 2018

“OPK products feature German quality standards”

OPK, manufacturer of sliding door fittings, celebrated its European debut at ZOW. The Chinese company, OPK, has had a branch in Germany since October 2017.

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